A centuries-old clergyman's 'Filofax' has been anonymously returned to the church

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Pictured: Reverend David Potterton with the clergyman's notebook.<br />
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A centuries-old clergyman's 'Filofax' dating back to 1532 has been anonymously returned to the church where it was started 486 years ago.  The 150-page vellum-covered book is filled with information on births, deaths and marriages made by different curates, who would assist the local priest.<br />
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Despite being almost 500 years old, the incredible book - which offers a unique glimpse from the Middle Ages through to the English Civil War - remains in remarkable condition.  It was handed over to the Reverend David Potterton last weekend after he finished his Sunday service at All Saints church in Minstead in the beautiful New Forest, Hants.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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