Animals formed in the morning waves, including a sea-horse by Stephen Grant

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Pictured:  The waves forming the shape of a wolf<br />
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A sea horse, wolf and lion appeared in blasts of spray as huge waves crash against a pier.  As the storm raged, giant walls of water battered the coastline and erupted in clouds above the pier, forming shapes of animals in the mist.<br />
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Stephen Grant, 60, who lives in Porthcawl, Wales, with his wife Kath, caught all the images on the same morning in the seaside town.  He said: "Storms occur throughout the year especially when the winds are blowing south-south westerly with gusts reaching up to 30mph to 40mph that cause big swells, throwing the waves over the pier, peaking at times to 20ft to 30ft high.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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