Balancing Inle fishermen by Istvan Kadar

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A fisherman balances precariously on the edge of his boat on Inle Lake, Myanmar, demonstrating a technique dating back to the 12th century.<br />
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The image was captured by photographer Istvan Kadar who said, "This lake in Myanmar is famous for rowers masterfully balancing on one leg.  Photos of such hardworking fishermen are plentiful, but most are staged.  Of course, there are many "real" fishermen plying Inle Lake with traps in order to bring home the catch to their families."<br />
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"The 'model' guys have figured out another way to make a few dollars off the lake—posing for tourists for tips.  They wear traditional, colourful clothing and perform amazing acrobatic shows; their sense of balance and the strength required to pose is quite remarkable."<br />
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