Carpet mass by Seyit Konyalı

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Pictured: Hand woven carpets are laid out to dry in the baking sun in Turkey.<br />
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Tens of thousands of hand-woven carpets create a colourful patchwork on the horizon below crooked mountains. As they are flipped by attendants, the freshly washed carpets ripple in the wind before being laid out to dry in Turkey.<br />
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Turkey is famous for its artisan rugs, but before they can be sold at markets, they are taken to the Dösemealtı region in Antalya for their colours to be softened as they are baked by the sun. Civil servant and amateur photographer, Seyit Konyali, was mesmerised watching over 20,000 carpets being tended below the blue mountain skyline. SEE OUR COPY FOR MORE.<br />
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