Chicks sing for their supper by Sarah Devlin

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Pictured: These little tern chicks look as if they are singing for their supper as they wait excitedly for their parent to return to them with food.  The chicks were photographed on West Dennis Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA, by freelance photographer, Sarah Devlin.<br />
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Explaining what was happening Sarah said: "Terns are able to distinguish the call of their parents among other terns in the colony.  These chicks were keeping warm under one parent when they heard the call of the other parent coming in with food.  They both jumped out from under the adult tern and began jumping about flapping their wings and looking to the sky with excitement!"  <br />
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Sarah added: “To me these images represent pure joy and innocence.  These chicks are a reminder to find delight in life’s simple pleasures."<br />
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