Chris Savage pulls two of his own teeth out. By Portsmouth News

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Desperate Chris Savage resorted to yanking two of his own teeth out after being unable to book a dentist appointment.  Chris Savage performed the self-dentistry in his bedroom in Southsea in Portsmouth, Hants because he could not register with a dentist or book an emergency appointment, saying it was the 'most horrible thing I've ever done.' <br />
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The 42 year old said he had been in 'agony' for ... days, saying that just touching the tooth with his rusty pair of pliers set off waves of 'agonising pain.'  The labourer admitted he had to get 'very drunk' by downing eight cans of Stella Artois to mask the pain before he pulled out the first tooth. He then waited another 24 hours to pull the second out - this time sober.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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