Cold Scotland by Duncan Hodgson

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Pictured: Climbing in Carn Etchachan from Stag Rocks, Scottish Highlands.<br />
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Two adrenaline junkie climbers risked life and limb as they scaled 1,245 metres up a frosty mountain in well below freezing temperatures.  The experienced climbers, with a combined 50 years of mountaineering behind them, spent five hours trekking and ascending Cairn Gorm, the sixth biggest mountain in the UK.<br />
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Duncan Hodgson, 40, and mountain guide Mark Chadwick, 39, started the incredible climb in the early hours of the morning last Wednesday when temperatures fell below -5 degrees Celcius.  In breathtaking photos taken by Mr Hodgson, the sun can be seen just breaking over the mountain range of Cairngorms National Park in Ballater, Scotland.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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