Cows saved from death by photographer

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Pictured: A second cow with the beer can in it's mouth.<br />
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An amateur photographer bravely wrestled beer cans from the mouths of two cows to save them from a 'slow and painful death' after spotting the animals munching them while he took pictures.  Daniel Lowth was out taking photos in the countryside when he was surprised to hear a loud crunching sound coming from a herd of cows nearby.<br />
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The 42-year-old office worker snapped some pictures of the cows munching on the cans, before realising the danger they posed and fighting to pull the metal from their mouths.  He distracted them with handfuls of grass at Anton Nature Reserve, Andover, so he could then get his hand close to their mouths and remove the cans.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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