Dalmation Pelican going for a fish by Alison Jenkins

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STRIKEOUT! This pelican remains focused as it expertly catches a fish in its bill while perching on the side of a rowing boat. The Dalmatian pelican was photographed by Alison Jenkins, 44, on Lake Kerkini, Greece. <br />
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She said, “Dalmatian Pelicans during the colder months will follow the boats for food as it is hard to come by, particularly on Lake Kerkini, as it has a high pelican population. This Pelican is demonstrating the flexible beak which opens out into a large pouch which acts like a net to catch food.”<br />
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“Dalmatian Pelicans were in decline due to hitting powerlines and wind turbines but work over the last few years to making these things safer for the birds has meant the Pelicans are making a comeback.  The largest of the Pelican species the Dalmatian Pelican’s beak goes orange red in the breeding season. Young Pelicans, display pale pink beaks until they are of breeding age.”<br />
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