Giant frogs are the largest on Earth by Cyril Ruoso/Minden Pictures

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Pictured:  Biologist Claude Miaud swabbing skin to determine presence of chytrid fungus on a goliath frog.<br />
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These giant frogs are the largest on Earth and weigh as much as a newborn baby - but sadly face extinction because of poachers who hunt them for the exotic pet market.  The aptly named 'goliath frogs' are endemic to the fast-moving freshwater rivers in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.<br />
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The frogs, which are as large as an average frog when they are tadpoles, can grow up to 32cm (12.6 inches) in length and can weigh up to 3.25kg.  However the goliath frogs are endangered because poachers hunt them for food and to sell in the exotic pet market.  Hunters take to the rivers and streams at night armed with guns and a torch - the torch is used to spot their eyes and then they are shot.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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