Martial art Silek Layah in waterlogged field by Gatot Herliyanto

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Opponents are thrown through the air as pairs practice the martial art of Silek Lanyah which takes place in a harvested rice field.<br />
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Gatot Herliyanto, 58 from Jakarta visited the waterlogged field in Kubugadang village, West Sumatra, Indonesia and said, "They are training to strengthen their body and breath. A training session will last around an hour but consist of 10-minute intervals followed by a short break each time so they can catch their breath."<br />
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"They will be focusing on the beauty, neatness and harmony of their moves in accordance with the movement of Pencak Silat. While for fighting, the assessment is based on punches, kicks that hit the target as well as avoid the opponent's own attacks."<br />
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