Mischevious giraffe photobombs a picture by JJ Alcalay & B Marcon/Naturagency

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A mischievous giraffe sticks his long neck in as it it appears to photobomb the perfect photograph. The incredible moment was photographed by photography duo JJ Alcalay & Brigitte Marcon at Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa<br />
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64 year old Brigitte Macron from Montmeyran, France said “It looks like this giraffe is photobombing another giraffe’s image, when infant it was taken during the midst of a necking session. This is when young adult males fight to assert dominance over each other.” <br />
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“This is always a very quick encounter so I’m very pleased to have taken this image.” <br />
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The image looks comical to us as it looks like a giraffe is photobombing the image of another giraffe, but these are two young male adults  giraffes during a necking session. As other mammals, young adulte males fight frequently together to show that they are the stronger.  The image was taken between two contacts of heads during such a necking session , which  is not rare but a very short instant taken in Etosha National Park in Namibia. <br />
Brigitte MARCON-ALCALAY, 64 heads old, retired, Montmeyran (Drôme ),France