Mopping the ships decks by Zay Yar Lin

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Pictured:  A member of crew mopping the deck (left) and the swirl of the Atlantic Ocean (right).<br />
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It looks like a work of modern art - two contrasting images apparently stitched together, the swirls of white on a bright red background mirroring those on the deep blue half of the image.  But at second glance this deceptive photo actually shows a sailor hard at work scrubbing the deck of his ship while the choppy water crashes against it.<br />
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While it resembles two different pictures side by side, it is actually the edge of the ship shot from above that separates the baby blue water and the red ship deck.  Captain of the merchant ship Zay Yar Lin was on a higher deck and took the chance to capture the unique shot using his iphone while they were sailing on the Atlantic Ocean.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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