Oil painting goes on sale for the first time at Dreweatts in Newbury, Berkshire

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Pictured: Head of Modern & Contemporary Art Jennie Fisher and Sale Co-ordinator, Lulu Randall hang 'Wittenham Clumps from Days Lock', an oil on canvas piece by English artist Ivor Hitchens, with a value of £30,000 - £50,000 ahead of auction for the very first time at Dreweatts in Newbury, Berks.<br />
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The piece, which has never been on the market before, will be available to the public as part of the Modern & Contemporary Art auction on March 18th 2021. <br />
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Wittenham Clumps from Days Lock' is a landscape abstract panoramic piece by Hitchens and showcases the use of colour to create form. The typical sage green interspersed with greys, whites and violets draw the viewer over the water to the landscape beyond, with the intersecting lines of the foreground contrasting with the curve of the hills in the distance creating a sense of balance and harmony.  <br />
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It was purchased as a wedding present by the parents of the current owners in 1957, directly from Hitchens at his studio and has remained with the same family ever since. <br />
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