Peregrine Falcons snatch Parakeets in London by David Element/Photoshot

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Pictured:  The Peregrine falcon carrying the parakeet.<br />
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A peregrine falcon flies with a brightly coloured parrot in its talons as it teaches its chick how to hunt.  The peregrine caught the rose-ringed parakeet in mid-air with a single strike from its sharp talons, then approached its nest to entice its chicks into the air and help them hone their flying skills.<br />
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The devoted parent birds will rear their young until they are able to hunt and fly on their own, passing prey to them or dropping recently killed birds for the juveniles to catch.  This series of pictures was captured by London-based wildlife photographer David Element, 64, who had been following the development of four peregrine chicks being raised in South London.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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