Photographer cures fear of insects through photography by Marco Jongsma

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Pictured: Macro detail of the fluffly texture of a jumping spider.<br />
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A set of close ups show the fascinating human traits of insects.   The shots show what appear to be the grin of a cheeky hornet, a red palm weevil warming up for a boxing match and a fluffy spider, amongst others.<br />
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Science photographer Marco Jongsma photographing insects in an attempt to combat his fear of the bugs by showing their features in detail unattainable to the naked eye.   Mr Jongsma took the photos in the garden and nature park of his home fishing village of Lemmer, in the Netherlands, and says his aversion to creepy-crawlies began when he reacted badly to a wasp sting as a young man.   SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS<br />
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