Stuart Mason-Elliott, President of The Pickwick Bicycle Club, the oldest cycling club in the world

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Pictured: Stuart Mason-Elliott, also known as Mr Samuel Pickwick as President of the oldest cycling club in the world The Pickwick Bicycle Club, rides his original 1872 Coventry Machinist Company penny farthing wearing the traditional club uniform on the cycle lane at The Avenue in Southampton, Hants.<br />
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Stuart rides a 22 kilogram, iron frame penny farthing which is believed to be one of the first bicycles ever made. The wheel diameter is 48 inches, with each bicycle being specially tailored to the leg length of the rider.<br />
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Stuart was elected president of The Pickwick Bicycle Club, formed in 1870  for the second consecutive year, due to Covid-19 restrictions on club activities. Members wear the traditional club uniform of a yellow and black striped blazer, waistcoat with a straw boater hat and are also assigned a sobriquet of a character from The Pickwick Papers, which they represent. <br />
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