Twin brothers going for pumpkin world record

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Pictured : Martha Syrett (2) with one of her grandad's giant pumpkins which has been grown at Pinetops Nursery in Hampshire.<br />
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Twin brothers who spend six hours each day tending to their pumpkins believe they are about to smash a world record by growing one weighing more than 188 stones (1,194kg).   Stuart and Ian Paton, 59, use over 150 gallons of water every day to help their gigantic squashes flourish - increasing the weight by over 55lbs every 24 hours at their peak.<br />
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The British growers said their favourite for this year already weighs more than a tonne at an extraordinary 2,270lbs (162 stone) and has a circumference of 19ft 10 inches after just 87 days of growth.   The brothers are the current UK record holders, with a pumpkin they grew last year weighing an impressive 174 stone (2436 lbs).   SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS <br />
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