Unusual species of the deep ocean which look like they could fly by Steven Kovacs/BluePlanetARC

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Pictured:  A pelagic gastropod.<br />
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IS IT A BIRD? A PLANE? NO, IT'S DEEP SEA CREATURES - FLYING THROUGH THE SEA.  Unusual species from the darkest corners of the ocean look like they can fly as they glow in the dark.  These spectacular creatures - including squid, octopus and flying fish - light up the blackness of the sea around them off the coast of Palm Beach in Florida, USA.<br />
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Photographer Steven Kovacs said: "Blackwater photography is difficult and takes some getting used to. Basically we go out at night into deep water and jump in. We then drift along and see what shows up out of the darkness.   SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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