Winchester Cathedral's juvenile Peregrine falcons have aerial battle by Jack Branscombe

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Pictured:  One of the juvenile falcons watches a pigeon perched on Winchester Cathedral - following the aerial battle with it's sibling.<br />
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A pair of young peregrine falcons come to blows in an aerial battle just months after they hatched at an ancient cathedral.  The newly fledged chicks, with their sharp talons outstretched, play fight in mid-air as they practice their hunting skills.<br />
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The juveniles were born earlier this summer along with three other chicks, which is thought to be a record for the species.  Amateur photographer Jack Branscombe pictured the tussling pair at Winchester Cathedral, Hants, where peregrine falcons have been nesting for the last two years.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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