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Pictured:  Some of the rooms and detail in the Homebase dolls home.<br />
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A team of architects spent over 500 hours building this exclusive doll's house - where everything is exactly 12 times smaller than it would be in lifelike form.  The home is even wired as any house on the street would be, with 40 metres of cables discreetly hidden behind walls and underneath floorboards.<br />
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It took a month from designing the 'Doll's Home' to final build and contains 126 intricately laser-cut and handmade home products - from sofas and beds to kitchen units and office chairs.  The layout is designed in conjunction with home and garden retailer Homebase to encourage a more harmonious household, with communal rooms aimed at getting families together and and a separate office space.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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