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Pictured:  Pick up a ‘Buddy’ with the new Icelandair Stopover Buddy service; giving you a personalised experience of the ‘real’ Iceland by a local member of the Icelandair team.<br />
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An international airline is offering it's own CEO as a tour guide after research showed Britons overspend by £17.21bn each year on holiday due to a lack of local knowledge.  Passengers on Icelandair will be able to use a number of staff as 'Stopover Buddies', including 41 year old CEO Birkir Holm Guonason, who is offering to take them off-piste skiing.<br />
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The airline's global study found the average tourist overspends by £50 due to not knowing the best places to eat or stay despite spending 4 hours and 36 minutes reading guidebooks and researching online before a mere weekend break.  SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS.<br />
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