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Tens of thousands of exotic fruits are filled to the brim in boats as they are anchored in shallow water ahead of market. The picture were taken by Asker Ibne Firoz at Banarupa Market, Rangamati, Bangladesh.<br />

The 42 year old software developer said “Tribal people who reside in the small islands and small hills across the Kaptai Lake, Rangamati bring their cultivated fruits to this mainland market that operates two days a week. They are selling fruits such as grapefruit, Green Banana, Hog plum, Pineapple, Green coconut, Papaya” <br />
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“These people grow the fruits and other agricultural products in the slopes of the hill by a special type of Agricultural Cultivation technique which is called Shifting Cultivation. It’s fascinating to see these traditional workers bringing such fruit to be sold by boat, which is the only form of communication they have with society”   <br />
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